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"How  To Sell Your House Fast In Maryland" details all the things you can do to help sell your house quickly in today's market. There are many options you have...if you have time to wait.

However, if you want a truly fast sale, and you are motivated to sell right away, Alex Van Breukelen has laid out the steps necessary to do so. While not every strategy is right for every person, examining the routes presented in this book offers hope to a person who is in immediate need to sell a home.


There can be many reasons to sell a house through FSBO, through a real estate agent or to an investor. Making a wise decision by choosing the best route in the beginning will help you achieve a faster sale with fewer complications. Professional opinions will always vary, and it is up to the homeowner to find the best option that fits them, to sell their home.

"How To Sell Your House Fast In Maryland"

E-Book Content & Insights

For Sale By Owner

This selling process puts all control and responsibility into the hands of the homeowner.  Chapter 2 & 3 lays out the advantages and disadvantages of this process and some tips and tricks to be successful!

Home Repairs

How to invest wisely in home repairs, and which ones are necessary to sell your home for top dollar. How to update landscaping, roofing, siding, paint, driveway & sidewalks, kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and everything in between.

‚ĚďDetermining Asking Price‚Ěď

Regardless of the motivation to sell a home, setting the right price is crucial to getting to the place where serious negotiations take place. "How to Sell Your House Fast in Maryland" provides a simple guide on how to do so.

Selling Tips

  • Market Analysis
  • Common Profit Killers
  • Repairs, Repairs, Repairs...
  • Primary and Secondary Selling Points
  • Losing Emotional Attachment
  • Listing and Advertisements
  • Virtual Tours

Choosing An Agent

What do you look for in an agent? This book lays out the characteristics and styles of agents you want to look for when selling your house. This is a critical point because not EVERY agent is strong in EVERY area of a sell.

Mortgage Options

  • Determining Mortgage Amount Owed
  • Beware Underwater Mortgages
  • Know Available Equity
  • Important Notes on Selling
  • Assumable Mortgages
  • Seller/Buyer Advantages

All About The Author

Alex van Breukelen

Retired United States Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Alex van Breukelen (Gunny VB) brings passion and dedication to the Victor Bravo team.

After 17 years of Service, Alex has devoted his time to Real Estate Investing! With 50+ successful rehabbed properties and building a robust rental portfolio, Alex has decided to put all his knowledge on paper and give it back to the community to provide them with the opportunity to sell their home fast OR get their start in real estate investing! 

He has built the Victor Bravo team from the ground up, ensuring ALL our team members share our Core Values of Family, Integrity, Professionalism, Trust and Understanding. He will continue to lead and grow the team until the name ‚ÄúVICTOR BRAVO‚ÄĚ becomes synonymous with trust and integrity in the Real Estate Investing world.¬†