Guide to Selling a House in Poor Condition (2022)


When you think about putting a house on the market, you likely imagine beautiful interior design, a pristine landscape, and optimal living conditions. Many people say that when staging your house, you want to sell the dream of living in the space, not the reality of the space itself. However, it is not always possible to do all the work needed to get a property into tip top shape before selling it. In this article, we will offer a guide to selling a house in poor condition.

Why Should I Sell My Home If It Is in Bad Shape?

If you have been putting off selling your home because it has issues that need to be fixed, now is the time. These issues could be quick fixes that will not cost too much money, or they might be changes that require some elbow grease. In either case, by adding a few finishing touches, the house may be functional enough to sell.

If the real estate market is booming and you need to relocate immediately, you might have to leave your home with some major revocations needing to be done. Although this may not be ideal, there is a market of people who are willing to purchase a home in this condition. From fixer uppers to development firms, you never know who might call your property home next.

Keys to Listing a Home With Issues

Before listing the property on the market, you must determine the extent of the house’s issues. For example, there is a big difference between a house that is totally uninhabitable and one that has aesthetic abnormalities. After determining all of the issues that need to be resolved for a new person to inhabit the space comfortably, you can create an estimate of how much each project will cost. From there, you can determine if there are any that need to be done prior to listing the home.

If the house needs to sell quickly and you do not have the time or resources to invest in upgrades, the best option will likely be to find a trustworthy real estate investment firm, like Victor Prado. Real estate companies not only are willing to invest in properties that need major repairs, they oftentimes will pay in cash for your property.

Whether you choose to cash out to a real estate firm or list your home on a public market, you need to set a realistic price that you are hoping to get from your home. Even if your house is in a great location, a home in inhabitable conditions may not be able to sell for a high cost due to the future projects that need to be completed.


Selling a home in poor condition can be tricky. Rather than letting the property continue to sit, take time to determine what you need to do in order to get the property in selling condition. Whether you are looking into options with real estate investment firms or with the public market, it is important to seek advice from someone with experience and be realistic with the value of your property.