The Victor Bravo Team

Administration Branch

Alex van Breukelen

Founder & Owner 

Retired United States Marine Corps, Gunnery Sergeant (GySgt) Alex van Breukelen (Gunny VB) brings passion and dedication to the Victor Bravo team.

After 17 years of Service, Alex has devoted his time to ensuring that EVERYONE who interacts with Victor Bravo walks away knowing that they have been treated with Dignity and Respect. He has built the Victor Bravo team from the ground up, ensuring ALL our team members share our Core Values of Family, Integrity, Professionalism, Trust and Understanding. He will continue to lead and grow the team until the name “VICTOR BRAVO” becomes synonymous with trust and integrity in the Real Estate Investing world.  

 “Every day above ground is a blessing and a privilege. My life goal is to give back to the world as much as it has given me.”  

 I enjoy spending time out in the woods, hiking, riding ATV’s, hunting, and fishing. My family is my #1 priority, so anything I can do with them has become a hobby. 

A no holds barred look at what it really means to be a Veteran. This book is intended to be a Veteran’s perspective on Veterans; Alex's truth about Veterans from one Veterans perspective. Alex delves into the complexities of what it actually means to be a Veteran and how the term has become so misused in our common culture, which has negatively affected so many people that have served. Not only will the reader journey through a 17 year Military career, but will learn what the Military culture and "brotherhood" is all about.

Jessica Tolley

Executive Assistant

Jessica brings 5 years of Executive Assistant experience and over 15 years of office management experience to the Victor Bravo Team.  She keeps the Victor Bravo Team on task, maintaining maximum office efficiency, keeping Victor Bravo capable of providing the ultimate client satisfaction experience.  Jessica is committed to all the behind-the-scenes administrative tasks that support her team in such a way that they are able to reach their fullest potential.

Jessica enjoys spending time with her husband, her three daughters, and her dog (Reggie).  She enjoys quiet activities such as reading and cooking/baking, and spending time at camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

Client Solutions Branch

Michael A. Soper Jr.

Director of Operations  

Michael Started his career just after his short stint in college when he started a construction company, doing renovations for “Real Estate Investors. Shortly after spending a few months learning the process of raising capital, managing job sites, networking with real estate agents, Michael Bought his first Investment property just before his 19th Birthday.  

After knowing Alex for a long time, the two sat down to produce a way to team up and help Sellers in any situation by providing them with true win-win-win scenarios. Today Michael Leads the Operations team, dedicated to ensuring Victor Bravo is a trusted household name, and a brand that homeowners in need can trust. “At Victor Bravo we will leave no stone unturned when trying to help someone, even if at the end of the day we have no Invested interest in the person or the property, we are truly here to help any way we can.” 

Michael Focuses on a special Niche of Real estate Investing. The value adding process known as Add A Level”. This is where he takes small homes and doubles their size. 

 "Changing a person's life and bettering communities brings more joy then simply depositing a check” 

Michael spends his time with his beautiful wife and daughter. Seeing a smile on his wife and daughters face at the end of a long day makes all the hours spent away from them worth it. They are his “WHY”.

Alison Vain

Operations Assistant

Alison graduated from Frostburg State University and has had a progressive career in Human Resources. She has supported companies in the construction and wholesale supply industries. Alison grew up around Real Estate from the bank lending side, and her attention to detail and ability to communicate with people from all walks of life are crucial to Victor Bravo's mission to serve the community.

In her free time, Alison can be found behind her sewing machine making quilts for everyone she knows. She also enjoys helping her daughters with art projects and camping with her family and friends.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

Georganna Naglieri

Inside Solutions Specialist

With over 5 years of customer solutions experience, Georganna brings her passion and empathy to help our clients find a positive outcome in their personal situations. She takes the time to truly understand their real estate needs and how Victor Bravo can help achieve their goals.

In her spare time she loves cooking, hosting family parties and going to the beach with her boyfriend and their daughters. Georganna’s family is her world!

John Deickman

Project Manager

John has brought his passion for real estate and experience in customer service to Victor Bravo to serve as our outside sales rep. His developing knowledge of real estate and friendly personality allows John to communicate with our clients and build winning relationships.

When he is not searching for a new house to flip, John enjoys spending time with his wife and son, and going fishing.

Autumn McMahon

Transaction Coordinator

Autumn brings a background in real estate title work to the Victor Bravo team as our acting transaction coordinator. Autumn provides our clients with everything they need as well as an open line of communication to ensure their transaction goes smoothly and as planned.

In her spare time you can find Autumn spending time with her son, kayaking, hiking, and taking road trips to explore new places. 

The Research Team


Head of Research 

Spent 5 years on her career conducting training for the new hires. Her main task is to provide Title Searches, which tackles the inside/out of a Title Report. This includes mastering many various documents such as Grant Deeds, Special Warranty Deed, Quitclaim Deed, Deed of Trust/Mortgages, Tax, Bankruptcy, Foreclosures, Liens, Judgments, Agreements, Easements, and Covenants Conditions and Restrictions. It is her passion to study every property that she set her hands on, from the time the owners acquired the title up to when they pass it down to their children or grandchildren. 

 On her off hours, her time is dedicated to her family. At her small farm, she finds joy playing with her son and taking care of various plants and animals. 

 "Be Grateful for what you have, Work Hard for what you don't have, stop complaining, stop wishing, start working." 


Research Expert 

Nida started her career by selling commercial and residential properties in the Philippines. She then had a career change and found a passion in traveling while working for a Gaming Company. Her role with Victor Bravo now consists of researching properties and examining documents to verify the legal descriptions and status' of said properties.

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it's possible.” 

She spends her free time studying Baking, cooking, and trying new dishes. 


Research Expert 

With over a decade of experience in Title Searching, dealing with Commercial and Residential properties. Skilled in examining documents such as Deeds, Deeds of Trust, Liens, Judgments, Easements and Plats Maps to determine ownership, encumbrances and to verify legal description of the property. 

 JOANNE - Jolly, Outstanding, Admirable, Noble, Nice, Eager to learn 

Joanne loves to cook, travel and has recently gotten into biking and horticulture. 


"It was a total relief...There was no pressure...Very easy to deal with. Any questions were answered thoroughly and were resolved. Timelines were right on the mark, in fact everything ended a couple days early" - Howard B. , Harford County Resident

"It relieved a lot of stress. It was very pleasant. Alex had everything lined up and in place. He lived up to his word. I have nothing but praise for Alex and his team. A burden was lifted, it was an awesome experience. I'm going to be calling him again in about a year, okay?" 
- Mr. Green, Parkville Resident

“Everything was fine clockwork! Everything went so smoothly and exactly as it was supposed to. I will highly recommend this company. Honest, fair, and professional. Thanks Michael and Victor Bravo REI."
— Patricia S.

"Great team, great integrity! They are among the best at what they do. 5 Stars"
—Paul M.

"They purchased our childhood home and gave us the best offer, by far! It was the easiest and fastest transaction I could have ever imagined. They took all the stress and worry out of selling. We met with so many other cash for home companies and they were by far the best!"
—Robert R.

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Victor Bravo is a Maryland based Veteran Owned REI firm, operated with Integrity; providing family like service and creating solutions for ALL of our stakeholders at every level of the Real Estate Investment spectrum.

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